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Design : Goldie
Product: Shopping Bag
Story: LOOM GOLDIE SHOPPING BAG comes with a metallic gold printed design. Made from 100% pure cotton and woven to perfection. LOOM  wonderful stylish and practical bag for carrying just about anything. It can be used for  shopping, books, the gym, the beach, the pool, or as an everyday tote.
  • Colour
  • Black
  • Item / Size
  • Bag 37X40cm flying letters (without pocket)
  • Bag 40X50CM flying letters (with pocket)
  • Bag 37X40CM hand (without pocket)
  • Bag 40X50CM hand (with pocket)
  • Bag 37X40cm circle (without pocket)
  • Bag 40X50CM circle (with pocket)
  • Bag 37X40CM eye (without pocket)
  • Bag 40X50CM eye (with pocket)
  • Bag 37X40cm finger print (without pocket)
  • Bag 40X50CM finger print (with pocket)
  • Bag 37X40cm Qrcode (without pocket)
  • Bag 40X50CM Qr code (with pocket)
  • Bag 37X40cm smiley (without pocket)
  • Bag 40X50CM smiley (with pocket)
  • Bag 37X40cm telephone (without pocket)
  • Bag 40X50CM telephone (with pocket)
  • Packaging
  • Single
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Rs. 363.00/-  
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Product Group Design Name Weave Pattern Item / Size Colour Packaging Stock Status
Shopping Bag Specials Goldie Oxford Bag 37X40cm flying letters (without pocket) Black Single In Stock